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PAR Biz Advisory Sdn Bhd Malaysia’s Top claims advisory company that represents consumers against insurance companies.

We specialize in ...

Repudiated Claim

Some times an insurer may “REPUDIATE A CLAIM”, this means they are advising that your claim is not covered under the terms and conditions of your policy. An Expert can help. The expert will ask the insurer, under what part of your policy are they advising your claim is repudiated?

Unsatisfactory or Unreasonable Offers

Have you received an offer from your insurance company but the value is too low? Do not accept offers that are too low.

Small Motorcycle Third Party Bodily Injury Claims

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We act on behalf of you and negotiate with insurance companies and relevant settlement authorities

File case in Court

If needed, we will work and appoint a panel lawyer for all legal matters.

``No cure, No pay``

If the settlement is fair and experts cannot get you more money, then you will not pay anything. You will only pay a small percentage on the amount that the experts can get you more.

Without Experts

Sample Case

Old Offer Insurance Company RM 50,000
New Offer Insurance Company RM 50,000
Expert Fee RM 0 (Free)

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Sample Case

Old Offer Insurance Company RM 50,000
New Offer Insurance Company RM 70,000
Expert Fee RM 2,000
Take Home Cash RM 68,000

+ Extra RM 18,000

Limited Time

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Real Life Cases

Read here about some of the cases that experts have helped customers win. Due to PDPA, we cannot share personal information.

Agreed Value Case

Par BIZ Advisory wins extra RM 50,000 for customer.